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Think Tank for Regenerative Urban Strategies

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Developing self-sufficient urbanism for African cities


Building Shared Visions

We help communities and organizations come together to build a shared vision. Through Open Space Technology and Lean Organizational development, we align the concerns of the different stakeholders to map a path forward together.

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Responsible Development,
Policy & Design

We support private sector development to engage meaningfully with public institutions and the community - we care about making the responsible choice surface and co-create with others to manifest their visions.

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Community Development

We seek out catalytic engagements that build our communities. We engage with local partners to amplify and align the concerns, and allow projects to leapfrog into implementation.

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Driving Out Waste

We care about our resources - and the processes we put in place to use, manage, and make impact with them. Be it in Lean Design & Construction or Lean Strategic Development, we help organizations learn how to bring out the most in their processes and develop their people. 

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We believe there is a new way of engagement in our cities — 
one that is focused on strategic interventions with a big picture view of urban development.


We are a new generation of urban thinkers – a convergence of knowledge in architecture, public engagement, policy, sustainability, urban design and economic development.

We dissolve the silos of traditional thinking and practices into a shared vision between public, private, and community stakeholders.

By aligning and amplifying these efforts and concerns, we unlock projects that generates great value for our cities.




Regen50 aligns the key concerns of governments, institutions, communities, and development projects.

We identify and develop the partnerships and relationships that bring about regenerative urban practice.

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We amplify the efforts of public, private, and community stakeholders by building strategic partnerships.

We seek to understand individual concerns, how they relate to each other, and where they could culminate into a  shared vision.



Our purpose is to unlock the socio-spatial, economic, and environmental possibilities.

We develop strategic interventions that have a catalytic effect in regenerating existing communities and support the emergence of regenerative or self-sufficient cities.


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