Tshwane Bicycle Boulevards

The bicycle-friendly neighbourhoods project is a pilot project that we initiated in advocacy for and support of non-motorised transit in the City of Tshwane.

The project proposes a cycling intervention in Ward 53 & 54 for an event in October - Transit Month. During Transit Month, the project will demonstrate and test a model for cycle-friendly neighbourhoods in central and northern suburbs of Pretoria.  Cycling is considered by many as the quickest most cost effective means possible, and if the pilot is successful the initiaive can be replicated elsewhere in the city. 

Tshwane Bicycle Boulevards consists of:

1) A system of bicycle boulevards and cycle lanes that connect major, schools, retail centers, sport facilities, and public transport nodes with safe bicycle storage at destinations. 

2) Awareness Program of safe cycle route maps. bicycle access to municipal buses, community survey, and  transport month event consisting of  Block Party and Cycle Flash Mob.

Wards 53 and 54 have an existing network of schools, sports facilities, retail and neighborhood centers, political, community support  and existing ridership base. The safe cycle routes network aims to foster a culture of cycling in De Moot  - a nothern region of the city - and is the first step towards implementing regeneration initiatives for the De Moot Spruit Development Framework.