What is Urban Strategy?

Urban Strategy is an alternative mode of engagement in our cities. Urban strategists identify and set up the environment that unlocks catalytic projects. Strategists, together with the role-players in that domain, lead the team to develop a road-map illustrating how to achieve the critical steps in the process. An urban strategist is skilled in tuning into and amplifing the efforts and concerns of the people involved and the project at stake.

The urban strategist leads the team through co-creative processes that are grounded in a common understanding and direction, and illustrates the steps that need to be unlocked so that our projects can generate much greater value for our cities.

What is Lean, and what is a Lean Operating Strategy?

Lean is a operating strategy with its roots in the Toyota production System.  Lean is a work approach that is focused on the flow of work, continuous improvement, and development of people.

At Regen50 we operate under a Lean culture, exploring its' methods, approaches, and application within all our diverse engagements.

In serving our partners, clients, and customers, Regen50 is grounded on the following core Lean principles:

1. Develop Respect for People

2. Seek Out Continuous Improvement

3. Find and Drive Out Waste in Processes

4. Build Responsible Autonomy in ourselves and our partners

5. Engage in Co-Creative Learning Environments

Where does the name Regen50 come from?

Regen50 is short for "Regenerative Urbanism  - at 50,000 scales."

We are urban strategist. We seek out the catalytic projects that can change the trajectories of our cities.  We are looking to make impact with every piece of work we do, be at a design, an event, a building or complete neighborhood model.

We are interested in projects that are replicable, and deliver net-positive impact at large geographies.

Our project development principles are systemic and our development approach is value-driven:

What creates the most value for our customers


how do we extend that value into our community? 

We aim to deliver replicable bulit environment projects that can  bring benefit to large populations. 

Our design project scales include work at the building scale, neighborhood & cluster development, community development & community initiatives, and larger urban work.